Cornerstone Campaign

Help S.C.O.P.E. Build the Foundation! S.C.O.P.E. is seeking workers, apprentices, builders and major developers . . . By contributing to the Cornerstone Fund, you are helping to ensure that Santa Luisa School will provide for years to come a solid Catholic education to a target enrollment of 500 children of the poorest of the poor in San Salvador. The operating budget of Santa Luisa includes administrative salaries, school supplies, utilities, two meals a day for each child, medical/care/immunizations for each child, uniforms and textbooks. The annual operating budget of the Santa Luisa School is approximately $30,000 US Dollars. Sister Milagro, the principal of the Santa Luisa, is only able to raise $8,000 annually in tuition. The annual interest SCOPE earns on its principal investments helps bridge this critical budget shortfall necessary to educate all of the students. Sister Milagro seeks to collect $25 per student in tuition from their families. This would generate just over $14,000 in revenue, or nearly half of the operating budget of the school. In reality, she is only able to collect less than $14 per student per year. Many families can not afford even this amount. A school store offers snacks and supplies to the students and helps generate a small amount of additional revenue. The actual cost of educating a student annually at Santa Luisa is almost $60 US Dollars. Our goal is to build a $500,000 Cornerstone Fund. SCOPE welcomes donors of all giving levels. Every gift helps. Thank you.
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