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Your generosity has an impact . . . your generosity makes a difference in the lives of the children of El Salvador. The impact comes from your gift being pooled with those of other donors, so that the Santa Luisa Elementary School in San Salvador, El Salvador, will have the needed funds to operate. The operating budget of Santa Luisa includes administrative salaries, school supplies, utilities, two meals a day for each child, medical/care/immunizations for each child, uniforms and textbooks. The annual operating budget of the Santa Luisa School is approximately $30,000 US Dollars. Sister Milagro, the principal of the Santa Luisa, is only able to raise $8,000 annually in revenue. The interest S.C.O.P.E. earns on its principal investments helps bridge this critical budget shortfall necessary to educate a targeted annual enrollment of 500 students. Sister Milagro seeks to collect $25 per student in tuition from their families. In reality, she is only able to collect less than $14 per student per year. Many families can not afford even this amount, and the nuns also do not turn down a family who wants to educate their children there. The actual cost of educating a student annually at Santa Luisa is almost $60 US Dollars. When compared to daily, monthly and yearly costs in the United States, the ability of supporters and friends of S.C.O.P.E. to make a real and lasting difference in this world in the lives of these innocent and poor children is very real and attainable. * The cost of filling a tank of gas in the US at $3 a gallon would educate a student for one year. A monthly cable or cell phone bill could most likely educate two children at Santa Luisa for a year. * A pair of shoes, a meal at a fancy restaurant in a major US city, concert tickets, or a professional ball game could educate three or more children. * The cost of sending a college-aged student to a private school in the United States would provide enough revenue to educate the entire Santa Luisa school for one year and purchase at least five computers the school very much would like to add to their curriculum. Your contribution makes a difference and meaningful impact in the lives of the poor in our own hemisphere.
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